To this day the U.S. Air Force has remained at the forefront of pushing farther into space, from launching communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to providing astronaut Airmen who first ventured into Earth orbit, walked on the Moon and are currently aboard the International Space Station. The future holds promises of laser-based sails and self-sustained space outposts.
This composition is part of a larger project to accompany one of the weekly stories posted at Airman Magazine for the month of September, 2017. The stories for the month focus on the future so each week will have have a poster to accompany the story

The four posters are to be created by 4 different designers from the same team so I developed the branding below to give us all a foundation to start from. We also decided to go with an isometric design for the posters. We chose this to keep us all stylistically on the same track and because designing isometrically would allow for us to highlight many ideas in one composition without it being overbearing, visually. It will also lend itself to animating portions of the composition in the future so that we can direct people back to the stories with engaging social media content. 
Below are pullouts from the overall composition that were threaded with the stories text. 
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