5 years ago I was brought on board to rebrand the DoD Visual Storytelling Workshop and create the visual branding for each year. This workshop brings together military storytellers and puts them with amazing mentors to help enhance their skills.

This June we'll be heading to Charleston, S.C.! I decided to break from my usual confines of a circle this year and create the logo within the shape of South Carolina. The state flag boasts a Palmetto and the moon so I knew that I wanted to feature those predominantly in my design. I also resided in Charleston for several years while I was in the Air Force and wanted to nod to the things that said "Charleston" to me; C-17's, Rainbow Row, and the ocean.
In 2018 the workshop is taking us to sunny San Diego this summer (which is also where I grew up!) Needless to say I was pretty stoked to create this years design. I'm also exploring After Effects a little more and created bumpers for the video products this year.
2017 saw us to Norfolk, VA. I was incredibly excited to discover that mermaids are EVERYWHERE in Norfolk and that one even graces the cities logo. I jumped at the chance to include a mermaid in the 2017 design.
In 2016 the workshop was held in Anchorage Alaska. I incorporated the mountains and night sky as well as the big dipper as a nod to the Alaska state flag. I also created a quick video this year of the shirts being made as I was lucky enough to be able to watch the screen printing process at the Butterville T-shirt company.
Though the workshop has been around since 1992, it has always lacked solid branding. I was brought on in 2015 to rebrand the workshop. I created the pentagon shutter logo to be carried on year-to-year as the base workshop logo. It represents the 5 branches of the Armed Services as well as a camera shutter in a cohesive and simple design. The shirt design and yearly branding will change every year to incorporate elements of where the workshop is to be held as well as a shutter. 2015 was held in Riverside, CA.
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